Saturday, December 6, 2008

Online sources for Christmas photo cards

My preference is to design our Christmas card every year, but if I don't plan ahead, I can find myself frantically looking for a unique photo card to get out quickly! Here are a few sites that I have located for ordering your holiday greetings. I have only used one of them,, but after looking at some of the new ones out this year, you shouldn't have a problem finding something that fits your taste and budget! In fact, you can even help the planet and GO GREEN by sending out a photo card on eco-friendly paper!


Sarah Porter said...

They have really cute Christmas invitations announcements, but I found four websites that have lots of unique Christmas invitations cards, personalized Christmas party invitations, Free Christmas invitations party and custom Christmas invitations at:

I have ordered from all four for different Christmas occasions and been very pleased. Take and look and see what you think.

Tawnya said...

Thanks...I will definitely check them out!