Monday, January 26, 2009

Make it your own...

I have always been into anything that is monogrammed. I guess adding your name or initials is a sure way of making something your own! I have monogrammed pillows, towels and stationery! But, when I saw these monogrammed leather chairs, I fell in love! Talk about one of a kind-

Hand painted initials make this dresser so sweet!

I am really craving a monogrammed chair or slipcover!

Monogrammed pillows, upholstered headboard & animal glam!

Pottery Barn

JC Penney

I could sleep here...especially if these were my initials!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

I love mirrors! To me, they are the most affordable form of art. Mirrors provide light, reflection, image and art all at once. They come in every shape and size, and can bring a dull wall to life. I have a collection of seashell mirrors, ornate antique mirrors and a few modern star burst designs sprinkled in! My son lost my camera (teenagers##**++!!#) so I will have to post photos of my personal favorites on another day. In the meantime, here are a few to get you reflecting...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in Business

Let's Get Physical, Physical, Physical...

So sorry for the lapse in activity! My laptop had a very bad virus and had to go see the doctor for over a week. On top of that, I was traveling from one side of the country to the next for the past two weeks.

At last, I have a healthy laptop back in my lap. And at last, it is Saturday and I am in my cozy, home sweet home. One thing about traveling a lot, you get to study all the latest issues of just about every magazine on the stands. Everyone is talking about getting in shape and being healthy. So, guess what I am "trying" to do...get in shape and eat healthier! I started out on a protein smoothie kick last week. I bought lots of frozen and fresh fruit, organic fat-free vanilla yogurt, and a high protein smoothie mix (vanilla)! Some of my favorite combos: mango/strawberry/banana. I also liked pineapple brain thought I was sipping on a pina colada! I drank one for breakfast, one for lunch and then had soup for dinner.

One of the articles I read while traveling got me thinking about much time I just SIT! The article said that by just adding a little more movement to my day, I could burn a lot more calories and hopefully firm up. I have decided to take a 5 minute exercise break at least once an hour in my office. I am going to get another pair of arm weights to keep in my office. While I am reading emails, I can do some arm reps! I also came across a portable stepper that I am thinking about for my mini-office gym. If anyone has one to recommend, let me know! It looks like you can pick one up for around $75. I can get some walking in during my breaks or while I am reading mail, listening in on a conference call, etc.

Here's the plan-

I will do these arm exercises (see video...these are from Madonna's trainer!)

Here's a stepper I found on the web that had good reviews:

Pivot Trainer, Target, $89.95

I have to DO something! I asked Jay for new tennis shoes for Valentine's Day. I explained to him that it wasn't the most romantic gift but it would be helping my heart! He said that he could put a rose in them. I thought that was a super sweet idea! I plan on keeping you posted on how things go... I am hoping that I won't have to list my stepper (as new or slightly used) on ebay in a few months!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Home Design Event at Target

I was in my office in a meeting this week. Mom called on all my phone lines at least twice, and finally, I interrupted my meeting thinking that it must be an emergency! I called her back and said, "Mom, what is wrong?". She apologized for interrupting my meeting, but she was at Target and just had to tell me about all the great stuff they had just got in for their annual Home Design Event (It is similar but better than the Global Bazaar they usually do in early January...if you follow Target). Of course, she apologized over and over for interrupting my meeting. Don't worry Mom, you know that I would have done the same thing. And just between you and me, this once a year event certainly qualifies as an emergency in my book...a shopping emergency!

So, yesterday I finally found 30 minutes to run to Target at lunch to check it out. I saw a bunch of stuff that I would have LOVED to put in my cart! I so wish that I had a friend that needed a room makeover right now...what deals! Some of these fun decorating pieces would have come in handy this summer when we did Andrea's room. The pictures on Target's website aren't very good so you really need to go and check it out in person. I have added a few items that might peak your interest...I had plans to show more, but my computer is in a bad mood this morning and I have lots of groceries to go buy!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Look Ma, New Hands!

Look Ma, New Hands!
Bath and Body Works
$12 or 2 for $20
I promised to let you know about things that I find along the way that I love! Tania gave me this yummy hand lotion for Christmas. I am addicted to how it smells and feels! It is not greasy and yet it makes my hands feel soft and look so much younger. It love it so much that I can't just use it on my hands! Great for your feet, arms, neck, face AND your hands!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spring Trends...To Dye For

OKAY...i have a confession... I just had to cheat and peek ahead and see what we had to look forward to in Spring fashion! I think all the talk about YELLOW got me craving Spring...and it is only the second week of January! I know that I am getting a little ahead of myself, but I just love sandals, sun dresses and anything that has to do with warmer the BEACH!

That's why I was jumping out of my seat when I was reading that beach inspired clothes and accessories were going to be all the rage this year! Could it get any better? Get comfy and enjoy these amazing treasures...from down by the sea.

bathing suit by J Crew

Island batik & tie dye is also on the horizon!
Be on the look out for lots of sherbet colored tie dyes & batiks,
which have such an island feel to them!

Carlos Santana

Michael Kors

Michael Kors


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Texas BBQ, Basketball and a LEGEND...all in one night!

Iron Works...where it all started!
100 Red River St., Austin, Texas
Phone: (512) 478-4855

(L to R) Travis, Austin, Luke, Taylor, our new friend LOUIE, NA, NA, DARRELL K. ROYAL far right

The signed ball

It was the Anderson's last night here in Austin before heading back to California. Like our family, they are also crazy about Texas sports so we were headed to watch the UT vs. Appalachian State men's basketball game. Mark and Leslie requested BBQ for their "last" meal in town. We decided to try something new since we would be downtown for the game. Iron Works gets rave reviews and it didn't disappoint our picky BBQ eaters! The brisket and sausage were so good that we had to go back for seconds! I loved their sweet and spicy BBQ sauce and very cold beer.

The boys picked a table in the back room. We had only been there a few minutes when this friendly older man, later introduced as "Louie", and Roland Cantu, the restaurant manager, offered us an extra ticket to the basketball game. We explained that we already had tickets, but when Louie explained that the seat was located just a few feet away from the legendary Texas coach, Darrell K. Royal, we snatched it up! After that little tip, they had ALL of our attention. We quickly learned that Louie was a regular at IW and he sat at his own "reserved" table.

Louie has worked for the Texas athletics department since 1952 and knows everyone! He said that he started out selling sodas and worked his way up to guarding THE TEXAS goal post! Roland was very familiar with Louie's story and after Louie headed to the game, he brought over some pictures of Louie with Darrell Royal, Mack Brown, Willie Nelson and Ben Crenshaw! After some discussion, we decided to stop by the Texas CO-OP so each family could get an official Texas ball with hopes to get them signed by Darrell Royal. It isn't everyday that you get to sit a few feet away from such a legend! We didn't know if DKR would even show up for the game, but if he did, we planned on be ready with Sharpie and balls in hand!

He showed up and ALL four of our boys were able to sit on the row next to Louie and Darrell! Darrell looks great (84 years old) and kindly shook their hands and didn't mind at all to sign their footballs. Louie entertained the boys with his funny stories throughout the night! We were all very excited about our evening of serendipity events (the boys much preferred their RESERVED seats to their original NOSE BLEED seats). We carried our signed balls home with Texas pride and recalled an evening we would never forget!

Darrell K. Royal

"Football doesn't build character. It eliminates weak ones"
"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."
"Dance with the one who brung ya" Darrell Royal

A little Texas trivia... if you are interested!

The man who led The University of Texas Longhorns to three National Championships and continues to remain the state of Texas' most legendary football coach -- Darrell Royal! Born July 6, 1924, Darrell K. Royal has a middle initial but no middle name. The "K" is in honor of his mother, Katy, who died when he was baby from cancer. Because of the taboo surrounding the disease, Royal was led to believe until he was grown that she had died giving birth to him.
Hook'em Horns!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunny Yellow is Hot...Continued!

Serenity 13, 66" x 38", $5,218

Ding, anyone home??? I think I ate too much turkey or slept too much (that didn't happen!), or possibly had too much time off from work (never!) over the holidays! Well, I just know there has to be a really good excuse for such a huge oversight. It was probably too many carbs or calories consumed that cut off the oxygen to my brain!

Yesterday, I brought you the latest on the 2009 rage for YELLOW. I can't believe that after scouring the internet for yellow "stuff", I forgot to include one of my company's hottest new products! And believe it or not, I AM in charge of marketing!!!

I got to work today and one of my brilliant colleagues (Dave, who obviously didn't have enough pie and turkey over the holidays!) congratulated me for being cutting edge and ahead of the times since I had designed a yellow bath tub to feature on the COVER of our new catalog. He had read the article in Sunday's paper on this year's hot color and was so excited that we were right there with the latest trend. I wish that I could take credit for predicting the trends, but the honest truth is that I just love yellow and taking risks! I designed this tub last summer for a tradeshow and much to my surprise, it was a huge hit. I had no idea that it would be the "color of the year" in 2009!

Once I found a fabulous bathroom to showcase it in, I decided to get really brave and feature it on the cover of our catalog (which is headed to press in a few weeks). So, I present to you Aquatic's Serenity 11 air bath in all its glory and beauty on its VERY OWN blog posting...for the world to see...just what it deserves! Long live mellow yellow.....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunny Yellow is Hot...

From Michael Kors 2009 Spring Collection
Merino giraffe-print cardigan
, $168.00

Kitchen Aid Mixer at Target, $299
Strappy Sandals
Forever, $14.80

The fashion industry is predicting that yellow will be the hottest color in 2009. Since a little girl, I have always loved yellow! I can't wait to see more of the sunny color in the stores this year. Yellow is a warm, happy color and symbolizes optimism in a time where there is so much doom and gloom in the news. Yellow goes well with green (growth) and also compliments violet, which was the popular color of 2008. So...get comes the sun!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Trip to the Spa Starts My New Year

The Crossings Wellness Spa...just what I needed!

Cooking, cleaning, shopping, presents, wrapping, more cleaning, parties, errands, travel, and the to-list goes on...and on and on... Of course, we wouldn't trade it for anything, but once the new year comes along, it it time to think about unwinding from the holiday hustle bustle!
My mom had the brilliant idea of booking a visit to a spa for some much needed pampering and rejuvenation! She insisted it was just what we needed to get ready to go back to work and rebound from the holidays. Leslie, my cousin's wife visiting from California, agreed and joined us for a fabulous day at The Crossings overlooking Lake Austin.
The day couldn't have been more beautiful...80 degrees and blues skies. I must confess that the thought of putting a swimsuit on in January was a bit scary. I threw in some cover-up options and decided to enjoy the day and ignore the holiday "5" that I had least for just the day!
Lying in the warm Texas sun was healing therapy all by itself! We had an organic lunch out on the deck (in our plush robes!) and shared our treatment stories with one another. I don't think any of us were quite use to that much "zen" in our lives. We had to chuckle at all the references to "positive" and "negative" energy! We were certainly feeling very positive at that point, but had to attribute it to all the pampering and time away from the real world...not the way we crossed our ankles!
It is just amazing what a few botanical facials and massages can do to restore the soul and slow your pace down! We were simply "glowing" on the way home and couldn't help but plan our next trip to The Crossings!

Mom and Leslie anticipating their facials!

Something about wearing a robe to lunch is very pampering!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect! I enjoyed a swim in their infinity edge pool.