Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mosaic Tile Wallpaper

Check out this very cool wallpaper by Trend that resembles mosaic tile. I will definitely use it someday in a photo set or in one of my tradeshow booths! I can't believe how real it looks! I can really see it in a restaurant or hotel. It is made of recycled glass and is much more affordable than actual mosaic tile (not to mention easy to install!) Just think of the transformation you could do in a weekend with this amazing wallpaper!

Futurist 1

Camoflauge 2

Solemn 2

Ambient 2

Emphatic 2

Grand 2

Rich 2

Wild 2

Platonic 2

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bling is Bigger Than Ever

There is nothing boring about the BIG necklaces and bracelets that hit the runway this year. It might take a little bravery to wear these, but if you are out to get noticed, this might do the trick! Personally, I love the way you can pair a bold, artistic necklace with a tee and some jeans or your favorite little black dress, and instantly feel fabulous! These overstated accessories remind me of royalty...and who doesn't want to feel just like a queen?
The necklaces above are by designer Erica Beamon who actually has a line of affordable jewerly at Target (check out the bracelets below!).

As with anything, it's all about balance...

$79.00 at JCrew

Palm Leaf Necklace, $175 at JCrew

I just adore these fun flower cuff bracelets by Erica Beamon, $39.99 at Target

Bohemian bold, $59 at Banana Republic