Saturday, December 6, 2008

How this all got started...

Tracy, my sister, Barbara, my mother who looks way too much like my sister, and me!

Today is my first blog at last! I gaze around my "quiet" house and see laundry to fold, dishes to clean and beds to make. And, here I sit with my coffee, glued to what is possibly my newest internet obsession. My husband thinks I spend too much time on the internet (between Ebay, Facebook and all the surfing I do, I sort of understand how he might think this, although it simply isn't true!). I tried to explain it in a way that he could relate so I said "You start your day off on ESPN learning the latest sports news. I look at blogging as a way of creating the NEWS!" Another way to explain how my time on the internet is not so bad is that some people lay in front of the televison hours on end watching re-runs of some stupid sit-com. I spend time on the internet educating myself with new recipes and trends, communciating with old friends or keeping up on current events...hours on end.

I have to dedicate "Me and My House" to my sweet mother. As far back and I can remember, she had a love for decorating and fashion. Hence, we grew up with piles (neat piles of course!) of magazines and books throughout the house that educated and inspired my sister and I until this very day. We never had the biggest or more expensive house on the block, but I assure you that we always had the BEST decorated house in the neighborhood, and possibly in town. I know that one of the greatest things she taught us (which my husband really appreciates!) is how to decorate our homes and our closets on a budget! And if you ask me, it is so much more fun to find the latest jeans at half the price that your friend down the street paid for them...not to mention you have enough money leftover to get a cute shirt to go with your jeans!

We still share our favorite issues of fashion and decorating magazines with one another even though we all live in different cities (Mom is in Houston and sister in Dallas). Mom will call us to see if we have checked out "so and so's" house in the latest issue of Elle Decor or House Beautiful because it is just too fabulous and she just has to share the great news with us! If we don't have that issue, we run out to the store that very minute so we can continue the dialog and discuss how it has inspired us.

It only seems fitting that my mother was also the one who introduced me to the world of fashion & design blogs. She is retired and therefore has a lot more time to surf the web and find the blogs worth adding to our Favorites Folder. We have often talked about having our own blogs so we can share with friends and family our favorite new book, lotion or gelato! Half the fun of discovering a treasure is sharing it with the ones you love! Thanks mom for instilling in me a love and passion for fashion, decorating, junk stores and sale racks. Through all these wonderful resources, you taught me how to create a beautiful home (that's forever changing!), have fun with fashion and design while not breaking the bank, and how to sit back and appreciate the beauty in it all!

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Margie said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT!! I really look forward to seeing everything !!! You are such an inspiration to ALL!