Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Mom

First, sorry for the delay in postings! Last week was so crazy and then I zipped over to Houston on Saturday morning (my normal blogging time!) to surprise my mom for some early birthday fun (today is her actual birthday)! I loaded the car with a yummy cake from NothingBundtCakes http://www.nothingbundtcakes.com/ and a bouquet of flowers and was off to make the surprise visit as the sun came up!

At one point along the drive, I called her and she asked me if I was working on my blog! I said...OF COURSE! I didn't want to lie, but was having so much fun pretending that I was home in my pjs drinking my coffee when I was really on a mad dash to her house! When she called me back she was in the car waiting for dad (she said they were headed downtown to shop and for lunch!). I was only 10 minutes away and already flying so I called my dad and informed him of my little plan and insisted he "stall". I pulled up to the house just in the nick of time! We had fun the rest of the day shopping, eating, shopping, eating....here are some photos to share our fun day with you! We started off at Nordstroms where mom picked up some gorgeous grey UGG boots, then off to JCrew where we had fun checking out all the fresh new looks for Spring and where I did a little birthday shopping!!!

After a lunch at Taco Milagro, we had to have some birthday dessert! Mom was so excited to take me to Crave Cupcakes! The pictures should tell the rest of the story!

I love the cool blue vintage mixer for their logo!

Time to taste...we shared a chocolate coconut (to die for!) and a lemon cupcake (perfect)! Yes, mom they were as good as you had promised!

Love them!


Located in Uptown Park, Houston

P.S. I will be posting more entries on our birthday weekend!
Happy Birthday Mom...I love you!
I am now home recovering from some awful flu-like virus so I hope to get caught up on blogging (in between naps!) so check back soon!

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