Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bathing Beauties

I remember the day that I decided to showcase this tub in red. I was inspired by a red kitchen. This tub was amazing in white, but kind of got lost in the crowd. Once we released this photo showing it off in red, it became a hit overnight! We were surprised by the display orders we received...one showroom actually ordered three, one for each window in their store! I doubt you could drive by that store and miss this bathing beauty!
Serenity Studio 25 by aquaticwhirlpools.com

Now, this is a home spa! Motif by aquaticwhirlpools.com

I love the way this space was designed just for this tub...a perfect hideaway from the world!

The Bisazza tile and glass chandelier make this bathroom shine!

I never get tired of an all-white bathroom....or any all-white room, for that matter!

Now, this is a FUN bathroom!

Just imagine floating in your bubble bath and looking up at this cool blue ceiling!

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