Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunny Yellow is Hot...Continued!

Serenity 13, 66" x 38", $5,218

Ding, anyone home??? I think I ate too much turkey or slept too much (that didn't happen!), or possibly had too much time off from work (never!) over the holidays! Well, I just know there has to be a really good excuse for such a huge oversight. It was probably too many carbs or calories consumed that cut off the oxygen to my brain!

Yesterday, I brought you the latest on the 2009 rage for YELLOW. I can't believe that after scouring the internet for yellow "stuff", I forgot to include one of my company's hottest new products! And believe it or not, I AM in charge of marketing!!!

I got to work today and one of my brilliant colleagues (Dave, who obviously didn't have enough pie and turkey over the holidays!) congratulated me for being cutting edge and ahead of the times since I had designed a yellow bath tub to feature on the COVER of our new catalog. He had read the article in Sunday's paper on this year's hot color and was so excited that we were right there with the latest trend. I wish that I could take credit for predicting the trends, but the honest truth is that I just love yellow and taking risks! I designed this tub last summer for a tradeshow and much to my surprise, it was a huge hit. I had no idea that it would be the "color of the year" in 2009!

Once I found a fabulous bathroom to showcase it in, I decided to get really brave and feature it on the cover of our catalog (which is headed to press in a few weeks). So, I present to you Aquatic's Serenity 11 air bath in all its glory and beauty on its VERY OWN blog posting...for the world to see...just what it deserves! Long live mellow yellow.....

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