Saturday, January 10, 2009

Home Design Event at Target

I was in my office in a meeting this week. Mom called on all my phone lines at least twice, and finally, I interrupted my meeting thinking that it must be an emergency! I called her back and said, "Mom, what is wrong?". She apologized for interrupting my meeting, but she was at Target and just had to tell me about all the great stuff they had just got in for their annual Home Design Event (It is similar but better than the Global Bazaar they usually do in early January...if you follow Target). Of course, she apologized over and over for interrupting my meeting. Don't worry Mom, you know that I would have done the same thing. And just between you and me, this once a year event certainly qualifies as an emergency in my book...a shopping emergency!

So, yesterday I finally found 30 minutes to run to Target at lunch to check it out. I saw a bunch of stuff that I would have LOVED to put in my cart! I so wish that I had a friend that needed a room makeover right now...what deals! Some of these fun decorating pieces would have come in handy this summer when we did Andrea's room. The pictures on Target's website aren't very good so you really need to go and check it out in person. I have added a few items that might peak your interest...I had plans to show more, but my computer is in a bad mood this morning and I have lots of groceries to go buy!

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