Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in Business

Let's Get Physical, Physical, Physical...

So sorry for the lapse in activity! My laptop had a very bad virus and had to go see the doctor for over a week. On top of that, I was traveling from one side of the country to the next for the past two weeks.

At last, I have a healthy laptop back in my lap. And at last, it is Saturday and I am in my cozy, home sweet home. One thing about traveling a lot, you get to study all the latest issues of just about every magazine on the stands. Everyone is talking about getting in shape and being healthy. So, guess what I am "trying" to do...get in shape and eat healthier! I started out on a protein smoothie kick last week. I bought lots of frozen and fresh fruit, organic fat-free vanilla yogurt, and a high protein smoothie mix (vanilla)! Some of my favorite combos: mango/strawberry/banana. I also liked pineapple brain thought I was sipping on a pina colada! I drank one for breakfast, one for lunch and then had soup for dinner.

One of the articles I read while traveling got me thinking about much time I just SIT! The article said that by just adding a little more movement to my day, I could burn a lot more calories and hopefully firm up. I have decided to take a 5 minute exercise break at least once an hour in my office. I am going to get another pair of arm weights to keep in my office. While I am reading emails, I can do some arm reps! I also came across a portable stepper that I am thinking about for my mini-office gym. If anyone has one to recommend, let me know! It looks like you can pick one up for around $75. I can get some walking in during my breaks or while I am reading mail, listening in on a conference call, etc.

Here's the plan-

I will do these arm exercises (see video...these are from Madonna's trainer!)

Here's a stepper I found on the web that had good reviews:

Pivot Trainer, Target, $89.95

I have to DO something! I asked Jay for new tennis shoes for Valentine's Day. I explained to him that it wasn't the most romantic gift but it would be helping my heart! He said that he could put a rose in them. I thought that was a super sweet idea! I plan on keeping you posted on how things go... I am hoping that I won't have to list my stepper (as new or slightly used) on ebay in a few months!

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