Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bling is Bigger Than Ever

There is nothing boring about the BIG necklaces and bracelets that hit the runway this year. It might take a little bravery to wear these, but if you are out to get noticed, this might do the trick! Personally, I love the way you can pair a bold, artistic necklace with a tee and some jeans or your favorite little black dress, and instantly feel fabulous! These overstated accessories remind me of royalty...and who doesn't want to feel just like a queen?
The necklaces above are by designer Erica Beamon who actually has a line of affordable jewerly at Target (check out the bracelets below!).

As with anything, it's all about balance...

$79.00 at JCrew

Palm Leaf Necklace, $175 at JCrew

I just adore these fun flower cuff bracelets by Erica Beamon, $39.99 at Target

Bohemian bold, $59 at Banana Republic

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