Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Five Star Product of the Week

Okay, I admit it. I am a shampoo fanatic. With baby fine hair and proudly in my 40's, I can't get away with using just ANY shampoo! I have spent way too many hard earned dollars over the years trying to find a shampoo that not only gives my hair body and volume, but leaves it healthy and shiny too! My verdict is that this isn't an easy job! If you are one of those people that buy fancy shmancy brands that ring up at $35 dollars a bottle, you very well may have already found the miracle shampoo. But being the thrifty shopper that I am, I can't bring myself to pay that much for something that I rinse down the drain.

To complicate matters even more, I stopped using soaps and shampoos containing sodium laurel sulfate about a year ago. (Why? I decided that bathing in harsh chemicals couldn't be good for me! I have noticed that both my skin and hair don't seem to dry out like before.) The pool of shampoos without SLS is still fairly small so it is even more challenging than before to find something that cleans your hair while not damaging it!

If you have read my blog on a regular basis, you will remember that I once recommended Organix Coconut Shampoo for a reasonably priced sulfate free shampoo. Well, I have found one that I love way more for so many more reasons! Read on...

First of all, this sulfate free shampoo actually makes a silky lather (not many sulfate free products can make this claim...trust me!). According to the label, this shampoo is designed for color treated hair. I don't usually color my hair, but the fact it was sulfate free led me to give it a try. I loved the way my hair rinsed clean and didn't feel dry or coarse. In fact, I almost skipped the conditioner altogether since my hair felt so soft after one shampoo. Okay, it felt silky and smelled great while washing, but more importantly, what did it do to my hair? I have to say that my hair had more bounce and body than it has had in years. In fact, it almost looked liked I had used a curling iron and then combed it out...now that's volume you can write about. I couldn't believe how soft my hair felt. And just between you and me, I kept touching it all day yesterday and admiring the shine in the mirror.
Bottom line, Loreal's EverPure Sulfate Free Volume Shampoo is totally worth $5.99 and has solved my hair problems for now. I can mark this one off my list and move on to solving how to lose 10 pounds in one week or finding the perfect shade of makeup that makes me look 10 years younger. Stay tuned...

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Mary said...

Hi Tawnya, Thank you for sharing your blog. You had my attention with the Pork Green Chili recipe but you have me as a 'sister' with the Five STAR product of the Week. Wow! I've been using this product since it hit the market and I love it and my stylist loves it too! He's very picky, as you can imagine, but it's been the best product for the price. Thx for sharing and I look forward to checking in on you.